Shoof New Zealand map

Shoof New Zealand

Located in Cambridge, this is the home of Shoof International and its team of over 50 employees. The Cambridge site is the hub of import/export operations, packaging, production and other key services supporting Shoof’s global operations.

Shoof has a unique and market-leading position in New Zealand’s animal equipment and veterinary markets supplying quality products, which make caring for animals easier.

Shoof Australia map

Shoof Australia

Located in Melbourne, this is the home of Shoof International and its team with 15+ employees.

Shoof entered the Australian market in 1998. Shoof has established operations through the agricultural channel to meet the demands of Aussie farmers.

Shoof Chile map

Shoof Chile

Ubicada en Osorno, Shoof International cuenta con un equipo de 10 trabajadores.

Shoof ingresó al mercado chileno en 2011. Shoof provee productos al mercado, principalmente equipamiento agrícola y animal de calidad como también soluciones de riego y manejo de purines.

Located in Osorno, the agricultural center of Chile, Shoof International has a team of 10 employees.

Shoof entered the Chilean market in 2011. Shoof services the market with its core product range of quality farming and animal equipment products and irrigation solutions.

Shoof Global map


All enquiries outside of New Zealand, Australia and Chile please contact Shoof International on +64 7 827 3902 or email