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Why Antahi?  An = animal and Tahi = first in Maori. If you look after your animals, they will look after you. Antahi products are designed to work with the animal, achieving the lowest stress and the greatest result, which in turn makes a farmers’ work easier. 

Antahi products ensure the best start for your animals, leading to optimum health and productivity for life. The products have been designed by Vets with hands-on experience to help farmers and vets achieve top results in a kinder, safer and easier manner, through better equipment. 

Antahi products are thoroughly tested by farmers for utmost durability and functionality, and the durable, reusable designs are a sustainable option for those wanting to leave the planet in great shape for future generations. 

Colostrum Feeders and Bags


“Much easier than the traditional model. In the past our calf rearers have been reluctant to tube calves but are happy to use this one as it is much easier and the calves are much more relaxed.”
Harvey and Nicola Kloeten, Dairy Farmers, Nuffield Scholar, King Country  

What I really like about the Trusti Tuber is that it has a nice flexible tube so when it is going down and inside the calfs oesophagus it moves with the calf and it wont do any damage unlike other rigid feeders. I also like the size guides so you know how far down to pass the tube for different sized calves. It is very easy to administer and with the long tube you have a bit of leeway if the calf moves. Also the bottle has an amazing valve so the milk flows in quickly, you don’t need to adjust anything it is automatic and it doesn’t leak. The other thing I really like about the Antahi feeder is that it is four litres so you don’t need to refill as often”
Joanne Leigh, Top Notch Calves, rearing 6000 calves per year, Tirau 

“The Antahi Trusti colostrum bags are a stroke of genius. We have used similar products that for multiple reasons do not come close to this. The simplicity, practicality and effectiveness are in our opinion unequalled by any other product on the market. They play an essential role on our farm during calving, and have proven their worth time and time again. We unhesitatingly recommend the bags and system to every farmer.”

Rex and Sharon Butterworth, Dairy business of the year winners, New Zealand

“I have never felt comfortable tubing my calves before because I was worried I would get milk in their lungs. I was surprised how easy the Antahi tubers were to use, it just glides down their throats. The calves are safe and fed in no time at all! ! I would even be happy for the staff to use this!”
Bryce Hazlitt, Dairy Farmer, Otaki

I struggle with the old rigid tube feeders but this was so quick, easy and stress free for both me and the calf. This is the only one I’ll use now. Thanks for providing such a great product.
Trudy Williams, Dairy Farmer

“I used your new tube feeder on my calf’s when needed and found it to be such an easier, less hassle, struggle free way of tube feeding calves that are needing to be assisted to get that first important drink or have been unfortunate to become ill. I have lower back pain an found this new gadget to be great with no back pain while using. I now refuse to use any prior methods. Thank you.”
Nena Rivers, Experienced Calf Rearer, Rotorua


“We were pleased to be able to give the Antahi Colostrum reusable bags a go this year. We test our cows on the Brix Refractometer on their first milking after calving, and only collect the cows with a reading over 22%. We then just left the gold tested colostrum in a bucket to be used that day or next to feed new calves in (we tube every calf with tested colostrum). Now having bags, we know we can do even better at both preserving the antibody count of the colostrum and in reducing the bacteria growth while it just sits in the bucket. We were able to measure 4 litres easily into each bag and then have it all ready to go – heating them up as we needed to in a bucket of warm water. Now we want more! We want to be able to pasteurize and keep in the fridge. As a farmer – we know that the ‘more we know the better we want to do’ and these colostrum bags will be a way of doing better for our calves in their first crucial 12-24 hours of their life. Giving them a ‘warm bag of colostrum’ that can be taken to the paddock or the pen and tubed straight into them, is not just peace of mind, but best practice for our future milking cows.”

Trish Rankin, Dairy Woman of the Year 2019

“Being a dairy farmer and “chief” calf rearer I found your product long awaited and a relief. To me it makes so much sense. Forcing a straight hard tube down a calves throat is always going to have a negative effect on the calf and the calf rearer. I have endless bruises up the back of my legs from wrestling calves as they struggle during tubing them the conventional way. We tube all calves on our farm, that includes all the heifers and bobbies with no exceptions. I personally tube every calf myself. I have wondered how I will teach new staff let alone expect them to tube a kicking calf and have faith that they will do it and do it properly!! I finally think that this product would be great for staff and myself!!”
Tracy Henderson, Southland sharemilker of the year 2014 

“Very simple and easy to use, especially for someone who hasn’t had much experience tube feeding calves, it reduces stress on the animal itself and also for the calf rearer, and I like that it is multifunctional with the tube feeder and the teat option, great product! It is a product that I would use with real confidence on high value stock, we are a stud breeding operation and a good start for our calves is very important to us”
Rhys and Tamara Parry, Waiokura Holsteins, Hawera

“The trusty tuber gives me the confidence that all of my calves are being fed properly. My staff found it easier than the other tube feeders we used to use and the calves seem far more comfortable while being fed. There are now no excuses for any of my calves to miss that first colostrum feed. We have thrown our other tube feeders away as the trusty tuber is in a league of its own.”
Cam Lewis, Lewis Farming, rearing 600 calves per year, Horowhenua

“One of those products that makes you wonder why you ever put up with what you were using before! Fast & easy to use and the flexible tube is so much kinder on the calves”
Melissa Barbour, Farmer, Maungatautari

“I found it so much easier and more comfortable on the calves. Very easy to pass down the throat with no struggle from the calves at all which makes life a lot easier when you are tubing a lot of calves over a season”
Lynda Goodwin, Dairy Farmer, Tapapa 

Thanks so much for inventing this! It has been great to use this season. All three of our calf rearers learnt quickly and easily how to use the Flexi Tuber, and quickly gained confidence tubing the calves that wouldn’t drink their 2litres upon arrival at the shed. We are absolutely thrilled that we have had the Flexi Tuber that they coudl safely and easily use.”
Susan Doohan, Veterinarian and Farmer

I really like this product because it has these wonderful guides on the side for my jersey calves, I also like that the mouthpiece protects the tube so the part going down their throat is smooth. Many calf rearers are female like me and we don’t just rear our calves we nurture them, and one of the things I really love about this product is it has been made, not only in NZ, but by a vet, and also by a female so she actually knows our calves needs. I always like to ensure my calves get that first colostrum and I also like to ensure that any calf that is not well is getting hydration and electrolytes so that’s when I find a tube feeder comes in very very handy and happy calves equals happy me. I want my calves to be the best therefore I want the very best product available”
Marilyn Baldwin, Dairy Farmer, Putaruru

“Very simple, easy to use, my partner liked it so that’s a positive, great idea!”
Matt Wood, Dairy Farmer, Kaponga


“Brilliant bit of gear, loved it”
Jarrod and Danielle Hawkins, Waikato

“The handle is great, very easy to hold. Loved the quick flow and being able to stand it up with milk in it”.
Lisa and Steve Wild, Tirau

“Very good to use. The hook is very helpful as is the flat bottom and the higher volume”.
Lloyd and Rebecca Alexander, Taranaki

“Took one go to get used to it then I loved it. Great how you can see the tube tip passing down and the level of flexibility in the tube makes it easy to insert. The flat base with the tube clip was helpful as was having the handle to use with one hand”.
Margaret Watkins, Cambridge.

“These bags make storing and thawing gold colostrum so easy. When we had high Brix colostrum it was so much easier to keep some in these storage bags rather than an old milk bottle as it is way quicker to thaw it in the water bath. No hard lumps of ice left. It makes the job so much simpler you are more inclined to implement this best practice as an everyday practise.”

Johan and Kylie Van Ras, Dairy Farm and Veterinarian, 215 x Friesian Cows

“Definite improvement. We used with both powder and colostrum from the ewe and both worked and flowed well.”
Mark and Robin Copland, Canterbury.

“Wonderful in the shed. The handle and flat bottom is great to rest on things and it is easy to clean.”
Judy Stalker, Southland

“Excellent to use, great size vessel, how do I order more?”
Ross and Gilly Alexander, Matamata

“I just wanted to let you know that I purchased 2 of the Antahi Calf Tube feeders from our local vets. They are brilliant, the best money spent ever. So much easier to use and so much nicer for the calves. And I have staff happy to use them and not scared they will drown a calf, so Thank you.”
Diana, Southland

“I have been using the Antahi Colostrum bags this season to store any excess colostrum. These bags have been fantastic! Not only do they store up to 4L in one bag, but their large size allows for speedy thawing. The bags are strong enough to be used multiple times, and the wide opening allows for easy filling. I found they stacked neatly in the freezer, and didn’t leak or burst as the colostrum froze like other bags I have used. The handles make for easy carrying, but also perfect to hang them up to dry after use. Will be definitely getting more for next season so no colostrum goes to waste!”

April Birchall, Farm and Veterinarian, dairy farming 680 spring calving cows, Taupo NZ

“Great product, we are having quite a few calves now and the process of tubing is much easier! My Dad, Uncle and brother love it and I’ve had a few goes, it is so much easier with the new tube as they don’t get distressed and keep still which makes it better for me and the calf! we all feel confident and safe using it which is a great bonus! Well Done from Wales, UK!”
Nia Wyn Jones

“I won a couple of trusti calf tubers in a Facebook competition last year. Having decided to tube every new born as they came into the barn these tubers have been awesome! The best invention for calf rearing haha wish we had used them sooner. Easy to use, nicer on the calf and quicker I think that other tubers. Customer service is also 5 star, if you need advice or spare parts Antahi is on the ball. Can’t rate them highly enough! Cheers guys”
Sarah Brunton

“I love my antahi feeder ! It’s easy to use and so gentle on the calves . the calves will want to drink either straight away or the next feed. Doesn’t put them off feeding !! Thank you so much for this !!!”
Sarah Baxter

“Thank you so much for your amazing service and fast delivery I don’t know what I would do with out my tubers…. I tell everyone I know about them and if they haven’t got one I tell them they need one asap.”
Zaria Diamond

“Initially I was apprehensive about a new product, since everyone tries to sell farmers rubbish.. but over the years and tubing thousands of calves- I knew the old stick tubers were poorly designed. These new ones are actually awesome, I love all the features and it is very evident there has been a lot of thought and development put into the design. Well done antahi you’ve nailed it! Makes my life easier and the calves first day much more enjoyable”
Logan Dawson

“I learned to work with your calf feeder in New Zealand and took a feeder with back to Germany. It’s so handy! I’m looking forward to meet more products out of your house.”
Chris Tine

“10/10 absolutely fantastic. Calf stress was next to nil.
Keep up the great work.”
Jamie Bain

“They are brilliant, the best money spent ever. So much easier to use and so much nicer for the calves. And I have staff happy to use them and not scared they will drown a calf, so Thank you.”
Diane Southland

“Calf feeder is a great job, makes a prick of a job bearable, keep up the good work”

“Fantastic product , outstanding customer service”
Rebecca Machado

“I have had a Antahi tuber for 12 month now. It is so easy to use and is low stress for the animal. The old rigid tuber would only ever be used as a last last resort. This, however, allows me to be really proactive in treating animals as soon as they need it. As we currently deal with our first outbreak of illness in our neonatal calves (E Coli) this has been invaluable. All the calves are treated rapidly, remaining hydrated and are recovering quickly from otherwise likely death. It makes me realise how incredibly thankful I am to have an Antahi tuber on hand. Top product, every farm needs one!!”
Kirsty Steeghs

“Wow, just purchased the tube feeder and I’m sooo happy with it! I’ve always hated tubing calves with a passion, it’s hard and the calves always hate it! Tried using the antahi tube feeder today for the first time and the calf did not kick up a fuss AT ALL! I was able to hold her head and not struggle against her. I will now tube feed with confidence. Thank you to the team at Antahi Innovations!!!”
Justine McRae

“Awesome products! Have 2 tubers and 3 calf covers.”
Cole Townsend

“Magic! Excellent for our Jerseys and great that you can fit multiple feeds without refilling”.
John Vosper, Jersey Girl Organics

“Very impressed, so easy to swallow, love the large bottle and calf size indicators”.
David and Anne Scott

“These things are brilliant! We had Salmonella the Rotovirus in our calves last year and it was a lifesaver. Far easier.”
Bryan, Northland

“So much easier to use and calves are much calmer, would never use a rigid tube again”.
Yvonne Walker

“Fail safe, love it! We used it on our 900 cows farm last year and wouldn’t go back”.
Stacy, Gordonton

“Very Stress free process, comfortable for the calf and person. Much more comfortable using this calf drencher than the old hard tube”.
Nia and Marc Jones

“Much easier to use, don’t damage the calves, they don’t fight. I used to hate tubing now it is no problem”.
David and Wendy Schroeder

“It seemed almost too good to be true but we decided to buy one and in short it is brilliant! Kind to both calf and farmer. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product”
David and Corinne Mycock

“We are the largest Wagyu farm in the UK and we use Antahi, these are the best Tube feeders I have ever come across :)”
Lorna Mitchell

“Cleaning it’s super easy! The see through back is really a big tick because you can see if you have missed a spot! The best thing for me is that you can hang it from the handle to let the water drain and let the bag to dry. That’s very important!  Easy to warm the milk up if you put the bag in a hot water bucket. It’s a lot faster than the bottle and more even too. When in a seasonal calving system like ours it’s very handy to have colostrum stored at the beginning and end of calving as you don’t have such many cows coming in daily. It will be very handy to freeze some at the end of this season ready for the beginning of next. In a continuous calving system it will be even better to have stored colostrum for the same reason.”

Gisel-la Bach Vilumara, Dairy Farmer and Veterinarian, Waihi, New Zealand