Disinfection for all vehicles.
Disinfection for all vehicles.

Shoof Vehicle Disinfection Mat

For vehicle entrances to disease-sensitive facilities. This extremely durable mat can be placed so that all vehicles in and out pass over it. Designed to allow all tyres to do a full rotation on the mat.

If there is a possibility of disease or contamination entering or leaving your facility on vehicle tyres, then our Shoof Vehicle Disinfection Mat can be positioned so all vehicles must drive over it. The mat can handle all traffic from small cars, to full-size trucks.

Shoof Vehicle Disinfection Mat

View the video demonstration of the Shoof Vehicle Disinfection Mat.

Technical Information

The Shoof Vehicle Disinfection Mat is supplied in two parts that are domed together along the centre line for use. There are stainless steel eyelets in the corners for securing to the roadway if required. The road surface must be smooth under the mat. Asphalt is excellent, chip seal is acceptable if it is fine chip. If the road is coarse chip seal, plain gravel or sand, it should be covered with plywood under the mat.

Directions for Use

To use for the first time, prepare about 40 litres of disinfectant solution in 20-litre jerry cans. Pour slowly on each side of the mat. (When the mat is new it can be slow to take in the solution.) For subsequent daily or twice-daily refilling, apply 20 litres to each side of the mat, or such amount as required.

Limited custom production available.

Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions: 3m x 3m
Capacity: 150 litres
Use: Vehicle disinfection
Shoof Code: 220 827