Effective, cost efficient disinfection solutions.

Effective, cost efficient disinfection solutions.

Combat the Spread of Infection

Our disinfectant mats have been sought after all over the world in the aid of mitigating the spread of infection between disease-sensitive locations.

Our mats are suitable for foot and vehicle entrances including (but not limited to):

  • Households and businesses
  • Shop and restaurant entrances
  • Veterinary clinics or laboratories
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Production plants and factories
  • Police stations and Supermarkets
Leave infection at the door.
Leave infection at the door.

Sweetmat Disinfection Mats

Sweetmat Disinfection Mats can support your organisation in preventing disease transmission with our world-leading disinfection mats.

Our Product Development Team is dedicated to the careful design and manufacture of innovative disinfection solutions and works closely with businesses and personnel to understand the challenges and protection needs of the industry. We focus our integrity on producing high quality disinfection mats and sanitisation products that are not only highly effective but cost efficient for the user.

Sweetmat Disinfection Mats support personal protection and enhance safer workplaces. Our mats are an ideal tool designed be used alongside complementary protective safety equipment as part of your complete biosecurity protocol.

Benefits of Sweetmat Disinfection Mats include:

  • Proven effectiveness in reducing contamination and spread of disease
  • Suitable for shoes, boots and vehicle wheels
  • Cost effective: Disinfection mats typically use 75% less disinfectant than a foot bath
  • Save time: Sweetmats are quicker and easier to maintain than other methods

Don’t let contamination be a cost to your profits, your business reputation or the health of your team. Contact us today to find out where you can purchase Sweetmat Disinfection Mats.

Read more about our range of disinfection mats and their advantages across a range of applications.

Sweetmat disinfectant mats

Disinfection Mats

For decontamination of foot traffic and light wheeled trolleys where it is important that all traffic passes over them. They are available in three sizes.

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Shoof mat in a box


Encased in a sturdy plastic box, Mat-In-A-Box is a versatile disinfectant mat ideal for moving on and off properties at risk of cross-contamination.

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Shoof vehicle disinfectant mats

Vehicle Mats

Suitable for driveways and vehicle entrances. They are designed to take heavy vehicles and forklifts driving in and out of buildings and properties.

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Shoof mini mats

The Mini-Mat

Used for entrances that have low levels of potential avoidance. Perfect for low volumes of foot traffic, they are very low cost alternative.

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