Disease protection wherever you go.
Disease protection wherever you go.

Shoof Mat-In-A-Box

Here’s the ideal shoe and boot disinfection mat for people that are traveling site to site and require a portable disinfection facility.

The Mat-In-A-Box significantly reduces the chances of transporting contamination and can be easily carried in your vehicle.

Shoe and boot disinfection

Shoof Mat-In-A-Box

View the video demonstration of the Shoof Mat-In-A-Box.

Technical Information

The foam core mat is encased in a sturdy polyethylene box with a lid. The mat can be pre-filled with solution but will not spill, as the foam core takes up all the liquid. It is then simply placed on the ground to use as required. No risk of spillage in your vehicle. Alternatively the Mat-In-A-Box can be used at the entrance to sensitive premises and kept covered when not required.

Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions: 58cm x 39cm x 5cm
Capacity: 2.5 litres
Use: Portable footwear disinfection.
Shoof Code: 217 658