Help prevent the spread of disease.
Help prevent the spread of disease.

Sweetmat Disinfection Mats

Sweetmat Disinfection Mats are best placed at doorways and building entrances.

Available in three sizes to suit the requirements for each doorway or entrance, depending on how much possibility for avoidance needs to be allowed for.

Sweetmat disinfectant pour
Stepping onto the Sweetmat disinfection mat
Stepping off the Sweetmat disinfection mat

Sweetman Disinfection Mats

View the video demonstration of the Sweetmat Disinfection Mat.

Technical Information

The mats feature an upper surface made from a permeable fabric which enables disinfection of footwear crossing over it. However, this permeable fabric allows very little organic matter to penetrate the mat surface, meaning there is little chance of neutralisation of the disinfectant solution and your disinfectant remains at the correct concentration. The bottom surface and sides use a non-permeable antibacterial PVC to prevent leakage or leaching of disinfectant solution onto the ground, meaning less waste. All mats have a 30mm inner core of bonded-urethane foam.

To use simply place your mat at your entrance upon a smooth and level floor surface. Pour your solution onto the upper surface of the mat where it will be immediately absorbed by the inner foam core. When foot traffic passes over the mat, the solution is passed onto the footwear.  To clean, place mat on its edge and hose off, then leave to drain.

Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions: 85cm x 60cm 85cm x 85cm 85cm x 180cm
Capacity: 8 litres 12 litres 25 litres
Use: For use where minimal risk of avoidance and limited traffic volume. Ideal size for most entrances having good volume and low avoidance risk. For entrances where it is desirable that all footwear touches at least twice, and where risk of avoidance is possible.
Shoof Code: 217 596 217 599 217 600