The revolutionary CO2 dry ice system for freeze branding

How to Use Brandabull Freeze Branding

Brandabull is an extremely low-cost, easy-to-use branding method and does not require any specific skill or experience.

  1. Connect the Brandabull dry ice gun to a standard liquid withdrawal CO2 gas bottle. Test for ice production.
  2. Clip the animal closely using a quality electric clipper to ensure the remaining hair is as short as possible.
  3. Check the animal’s identity to make sure you fill the correct digit mould. Brands are permanent.
  4. Holding the digit mould in your gloved hand, fill the cavity with dry ice. It is best to over-fill it.
  5. Flush the area to be branded with alcohol or methylated spirits to ensure good temperature transfer.
  6. Apply the digit mould with firm pressure and hold in place for at least 40 seconds (60 seconds on white cattle). Repeat the process with the next digits.
  • Do not put your hand in the stream as serious burning could result from the -75 degrees centigrade (-103F) temperature
  • It is recommended that you wear appropriate safety gear, as dry ice flakes can be dangerous to eyes and hands


Brand A Bull Kit

Demonstration Video

Check out the demonstration video on how to use the Brandabull instant freeze branding gun. For further information see our expert tips page.