How to use


The Walkease hoof care system is easy to apply. Learn more about how to apply the Walkease block correctly to your cow’s hoof.

First prepare the hoof

Careful hoof preparation is key to successful Walkease application.

Then choose a block size

Selecting the correct Walkease block size is important.

Finally glue block in place

The Walkease glue is integral to hoof block application.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Below are more detailed instructions for applying Walkease. For any fitting issues, visit the FAQs page.

Treat claw

Treat the injured claw

Treat the injured claw first before moving onto the adjacent claw. Use a grinder or a hoof knife to leave the healthy claw as flat as possible. Ensure all debris is removed and the fresh horn exposed.

Rasp claw

Use the Walkease rasp

Always use the Walkease rasp to finish preparing the adjacent hoof surface. Expose fresh horn to provide a clean, flat surface for maximum contact and block adhesion. The rasp must be kept clean and uncontaminated when not in use.

Check size

Check the block is the correct size

Compare the size and shape of your chosen block before removing its plastic wrapper. Your chosen block must support the hoof wall without any large overlap. Blocks can be trimmed if required. Walkease blocks can be used for left or right hooves – simply turn the block over.

Glueing block

Dispense full tube of single-use glue

Always wear gloves when handling Walkease glue. Use the full contents of the 2ml single-use tube to secure the block. Regular, slim lines of glue are better than thick, irregular distribution across the block.

Pressing block

Press the block firmly

Press the block firmly onto the healthy claw, overlapping the hoof wall. After about 10 seconds of steady, even pressure you will feel the block ‘grip’.

Drop leg

Drop the cow's leg immediately

It is important to immediately lower the hoof once the glue grips. The weight of the cow will increase the contact between the block and the hoof generating a stronger bond. In cold conditions, allow the cow to stand for longer, before release. The Walkease block will only attach properly when weight is applied before the glue has completely cured.