Quality electric fencing products

Farmers choice for over 30 years

Taragate was founded over thirty years ago and is well known in the Kiwi farming community for its unique electric fence products. Based in the heartland of New Zealand’s premier dairy region, the Waikato, the range of products have been developed to offer significant points of advantage – the hallmark of the Taragate range.

Taragate products are very much end user focussed, designed to work hard and efficiently for the New Zealand farmer. As the flagship product the “Taragate Multi Strand Electric Gate” grew in popularity, so did the product range. Taragate has built a reputation of excellence with its high quality, easy to use, innovative products.

Innovation and excellence in design drives the Taragate mission to supply high-quality and reliable electric fencing to the world.

Product Range

Multi Strand Electric Gates

A range of award winning multi strand electric gates and the preferred choice for NZ farmers for over twenty years. Made of permanent materials, the Taragate is compatible with all electric fence systems with the multi strands operated by the one handle for ease of use. There is a gate to suit all types of stock; 2-strand for cattle and horses, and 3 or 4 strand for sheep and smaller animals, UV stabilised.

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Portable Fence Range

Strip or block grazing is a vital component in ensuring efficient grassland farming. Taragates portable fence solutions include their best selling geared reel’s, the ‘Tarapost’, and range of fence standards and accessories. Portable fencing is central to subdividing fields quickly and easily. Taragate brings the best of accessories to this system, creating new solutions to old problems.

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Farm Gateway Solutions

Gateway solutions for every situation – single strand electric gates in different lengths, retractable tape or ropes gates, dead or alive handles, a variety of gold standard gate, spring and compression handles.

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Insulators & Outriggers

Taragate insulators offer quality without compromise. All Taragate insulators are manufactured from a high UV resistant compound and are designed to perform to today’s high energy outputs. Taragate insulators feature extra long tracking distances and extra deep body to hold wire further off the post as well as a double shield system. Made to last.

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Electronics Range

Taragate offers the S150 or S600 one piece Solar Energisers.  Lightweight and easy to install, robust UV stablised and waterproof cases. The S150 works up to 3km and has a 10day battery life off one charge. The S600 up to 5km and has a 14 day battery life off one charge. Both come with a mains charging adaptor as back-up when the sun doesn’t shine.

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Permanent Fencing

A range of products to assist with permanent fencing, including end connectors for tape, gate latch solutions, heavy duty activators, underground cable and more. Check out their unique lightweight plastic posts, which come in a range of sizes, meaning no extra insulators required.

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